BIO drinks

Panteley Toshev Ltd. is proud to announce the world’s first clean label and organic certified beverage emulsions. Covering the most popular tastes in the carbonated soft drink category such as cola, orange, lemon, tangerine and grapefruit we provide companies with the opportunity to properly address growing consumer concerns about the negative image of sodas. Our unique, patent-pending technology, allows companies the exclusive chance to innovative within this old beverage category that has remained radically unchanged for more than 130 years.

Elaborating on our innovative „Natural formula” emulsions introduced 10 years ago as the first clean label beverage emulsions for turbid, citrus soft drinks with no or low juice content, we made a big step forward in achieving this in organic certified form and thus further reinforcing our position as a leader in beverage emulsion technology. The revolutionary idea of our organic emulsions is that we managed to replace all artificial weight agents within the emulsions with an organic botanical extract. In this way, we resolved the most complicated technological problem in the production of emulsions: the creation of a highly stable product, which does not contain the commonly used artificial components, such as brominated oils, ester gum, SAIB, etc. The result is the world’s first organic certified beverage emulsions. They are characterized by great stability, excellent taste, good opacity, rich mouthfeel and substantial body. Furthermore, the sensory properties of the ready-made soft drinks are much clearer and natural in taste compared to the ones produced using traditional emulsion technology.

Our advantages:
– Not just all-natural but Organic certified

– Not just clean label but Organic clean label
– Allowing the market introduction of 100% organic sodas
– Eligible for EU BIO, Bio Suisse, US NOP Organic, JAS
– Providing first on the market advantage
– Bringing back sodas to growth