Vanillin Eu

As the world’s most popular flavour, vanilla is used in a wide array of application such as sweets, chocolate, powder mixes, ice cream, bakery, drinks and many more. Unfortunately as one of the most vulnerable crops, vanillin is no stranger to market volatility. This is why we created VANILLIN EU. After a long period of research and development, our team created a flavour profile, which replicates to a full extent the taste of Vanillin Guaiacol, having the same intensity, dosage, and heat resistance. It helps reduce cost without compromising flavour and offers supply stability and consistent quality.

LabellingFlavouring (according to 1334/2008).
For Food Applications.

Halal, GMO-free, allergen-free.

Used 1:1 when replacing Vanillin from Guaiacol.