A growing number of consumers appear to limit sugar intake because they associate consumption of sugars with obesity and adverse health effects, while a wider number of governmental bodies are launching sugar reduction plans. The publication of WHO’s Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of NCDs (Noncommunicable diseases) 2013-2020 has influenced more than 40 countries already to introduce sugar-related taxation on sugar-sweetened beverages, while other governments have introduced milder approaches to help discourage consumers from buying unhealthy foods, such as educational campaigns, prime-time advertising bans and other tools in combating high sugar intake. Even retailers invest in technologies which guide consumers to healthier, lower tax products.

Panteley Toshev is actively working on this challenge since several years already which gave us a competitive edge to develop a comprehensive solution that addresses all consumer concerns on this strategically important matter. Our Sugar Sense® solution offers 4 unique competitive advantages:

1. Great tasting sugar reducing solution with zero compromises on taste

Multiple attempts have been made in the recent decade to reduce sugar in soft drinks but most of them have failed to preserve the rich mouthfeel and sweet aftertaste of sugar. Our Sugar Sense® provides remarkably real and authentic sugar-like taste experience that can not be compared to previous generation flavour enhancers.

2. Clean label solution that will not affect product labelling
Sugar Sense® is part of our flavour innovation series and meets the requirements of Regulation № 1333/2008 for the use of food additives and Regulation № 1334 / 2008 for the use of food flavourings. It should be declared on the label according to EU Regulation No 1169/2011 as a natural flavour. Given that soft drinks traditionally contain flavours in their standard formulation, our solution would allow brands to prevent expanding their ingredients lists and thus address consumer demands for clean label and shorter ingredient lists.

3. Better cost in use in comparison to crystal sugar
At the maximum allowed dosage in soft drinks of 1.92 kg per 1000 litres, our Sugar Sense® could substitute 50 kg of sugar and thus would have a lower cost in use even at the lowest historical price of sugar in recent years.

4. A significant amount of sugar replacement

Beverage formulators can substitute a significant amount of up to 50 grams per litre of sugar in their recipes. An amount which would allow brands in most regions of the world to keep their recipes below the taxable threshold without any compromise on taste.